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looking for style?

Graphic Elements

It is often said that an image speaks more than words, sometimes even that it is worth 1000. The graphic elements in general are ideal to accompany the text, to facilitate its comprehension and to make want to be interested in any type of content while sending a message in a credible and original way.

visual elements that give
power for your branding

Find out what we are putting in place to support and enhance content.
Vectorial, Digital Painting… it's up to you!
Icons & Pictos
Minimalist and efficient.
Patterns & Textures
To dress up and decorate layouts.
Image processing
Handy for creating visual consistency.


I offer different digital creation techniques to meet your stylistic desires; digital painting, vector drawing, engraving effect, screening, 3D realization, ...

On the basis of attentive listening to your needs and desires, I first make a series of sketches in order to verify my understanding of the request. When I am convinced that we are traveling in the same direction, I then move on to the vectorization phase. This step consists of putting the creations in color so that they can be used in high definition on your various communication media.

Icons & Pictos

Being a great classic to illustrate services or simple concepts, I consider icons and pictograms to be essential. They make it possible to identify elements in a clear and distinct way, without even having to take the time to read the information in question. On a business card, for example, our eye will almost instantly identify the telephone symbol when we are looking for a number to call. 

They give a playful, modern and credible side to all kinds of content. Each service category presented here is for example accompanied by an icon. They can also be used to inform your audience about a certain procedure to follow, a danger or even a direction to take; as much on a route as a website.

Patterns & Textures

The creation of graphic elements complementary to your graphic charter is undertaken in order to adorn and embellish all kinds of content. I make repetitive, abstract or concrete patterns, but also textures, realistic or conceptual, in order to give originality and dynamism to my layouts. These elements can for example be used to divide sections on a website, adorn the back of a business card, frame a photo (or text) or even simulate a material with a vector creation in high definition.

Image processing

From product image cropping to color retouching, I often need to manipulate pixels to display content with allure. 

The image in general has always represented a perfect company for our texts: it allows to catch the eye and to illustrate our content, to give it meaning.