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Bitmap and Vector File

February 6, 2021


Understanding the benefits of these two workspaces and when to use them is important, not just for a graphic designer. When a person orders a logo or saves the same logo as a profile picture for their social networks, understanding the difference between these two types of images can prevent them from making basic mistakes.

Bitmap image

It is an image made up of a matrix of colored dots, the pixels. Just like a table or a grid, each box (pixel) is considered as a point which has coordinates and to which is assigned one or more values describing its color.

A photo taken on a phone is a bitmap image. Depending on the device with which this photo was captured, it will be assigned a resolution. Let's take the example of a photo taken in Full HD Horizontal, with correct sharpness (focus). Its resolution is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. When viewed at 100% in Photoshop, this image will be crisp and the pixels will not be obvious to see. But if the image is enlarged to, for example 200%, the pixels will become clearly visible and the image will become what is commonly called "rasterized". An image that has never ceased to be pixelated, but this term allows us to understand that pixels are apparent (and problematic).

Vector image

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