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Need a unique Branding?

Logo & Visual Identity

Your company and the services you provide are unique. A logo and a visual identity adapted to your business are essential for your development in a company which places a lot of importance on the first impression.

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A visual identity,
more than just a logo

Here are the main pillars of a visual identity.
Logo Design
Under several variations.
Allocation of Fonts.
Color code
Search for complementary.
Graphical charter
Meeting of the elements.

Logo Design

When you visualize a logo, it is important to understand its relationship with its communication medium or its type of display. For example, a logo is seen on a social network cover, a business card, a restaurant menu, a store window or even a Beach flag; these different supports vary in terms of texture, reflections, surface, orientation, color space and of course size.

This is the reason why my logos are given in several forms and variations which are governed by very precise rules, stipulated in the graphic charter. Rules that mention for example when to display a particular logo variation on a particular type of background (dark or light), or even to use the square version for a square display of a `` profile photo '' of the Facebook page of your business.


In addition to creating a unique typography for your company name, it is important to assign wisely chosen fonts for the main headings, secondary headings or even paragraph writing. The goal here is to be able to write different content while keeping the same structure.

The typographies are selected in order to work together in a complementary way with each other and with the design logo, on a principle of stylistic contrast.

We would like to point out that all the fonts used by Elleusiv are free of rights and use for commercial purposes.

Color code

Assigning colors and creating an effective color chart is a sensitive step in the process. The appreciation of colors is a relative feeling specific to each human being. This is why we offer you color charts and associations, each giving different impressions. It is always possible to modify these color moods afterwards: they are first of all samples that allow me to understand the colors that make you vibrate and those to avoid.

Graphical charter

After creating the pillars of your charter, I bring them together in a document stipulating the rules that allow you to write content with the same consistency.
It also allows me to create uniformity when applying the visual identity on the various internal and external communication media (presentation folder, quotes, invoices, business cards, leaflets) and the development of a website. Assigning a color code and typographies and then accompanying them with illustrations and graphic elements consistent with the desired style is our recipe for creating complete, attractive and totally unique visual identities.