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Webdesign & Development

I set up websites with editable content (no need to be a developer to publish an article, modify the price of a product in your e-commerce or even add text to a category description) fully adapted for all resolutions. Please find below a brief overview of the work done to produce a unique, dynamic and lightning-fast website.





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Service 1

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Our values

Elleusiv is committed to investing in your project with the greatest concentration
and personal investment possible. We are simply passionate about what we do.


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To develop your website,
we follow our secret recipe

Here are its ingredients.
We take care of everything.
A stable and reliable Site.
Natural presence in research.
For 4 types of screen.
Move forward with a specific plan.
Publish your own content yourself.
Browse Interactive Websites.


Full Support

From ordering the domain name to integrating your visual identity, including putting your website online, I take care of everything.

Where your site is hosted can have a big impact on the speed, stability and performance of your website. This is why I decided, several years ago, to work with a leader in hosting and "host"; Siteground.

In addition to support available by phone call, chat or email 24/7, being hosted at Siteground allows us to enjoy a super-fast connection to servers, on a constant basis. Siteground also offers in all its formulas a daily '' back-up '' of your site, programmable at the desired time (I will come back to this point in the `` backups '' section).


SSL certificate

All my sites are issued with valid 'SSL certificates'. An SSL certificate allows us to enjoy a secure connection (https) and to protect visitor data. We can also observe the appearance of a padlock icon to the left of the URL when this is the case (also present in the illustration at the top of the page).


I secure my websites with daily backups. This is another interesting advantage of our host; full database backups are programmable.


Staging allows us to create a copy of the website and work on that same copy. The modified version will then replace the current version of the site put online. Your website therefore remains '' live '' and functional and we can, for our part, make the necessary changes in complete safety.


Expressions And Keywords

Before you start working on your website design, you need to prepare the groundwork.

Standing out from the competition in some areas is sometimes difficult; good SEO is one of the tactics to do this. This is why Elleusiv will always do a study of your sector, keywords and phrases related to its research. These expressions are then included in the different pages or sections during development.

After creating illustrations, icons and images for your website, I modify their titles by inserting these carefully chosen keywords. It's a great way to give search engines hooks to get you listed. This basic work is still being done on each of my sites.


I am also working on writing the '' meta-tags '' (description) and '' alt-tags '' (represents the text that is displayed when a mouse hovers over an element) in order to make users want to click on your site thanks to qualitative and content-rich descriptions


4 Resolutions

When a website is adapted, it is usually for 3 resolutions. Elleusiv offers you a website adapted for 4 resolutions; large screens (desktop computers), normal screens (laptop), tablet and phone!

It is essential that your website is impeccable ... everywhere. This is why my websites are suitable for all screens!



Depending on the amount of content, a website can sometimes become structurally complex. This is why I always create a site map, intended to be validated (by you), in order to better manage its structure and its content.

This plan is generated thanks to visuals allowing us to understand the skeleton on which it is articulated; creation of a general menu including the different pages, categories grouping together all the products or services, etc.
This site map will also help us to distribute all the keywords and expressions necessary for the good referencing of your website. Thanks to it, we are sure to cover the range of expressions chosen and related to your sector.

I do not of course reveal all our development techniques in order to maintain exclusivity on my process and my services.


It is important for a website to be visually appealing. But design should never be at the expense of speed of loading and ergonomics.

This is why I am proud to work with '' Oxygen ''; a tool allowing us to develop unique and clean websites, from a blank page (from-scratch!). The code is clean and generated with no frills or slowdowns. Load times are blazingly fast and sometimes app-like when the content is kept light. We guarantee responsive, ergonomic and structurally stable websites.

Visual Identity & Design System

Elleusiv's strength lies in being able to set up a visual identity and adapt it to all your internal and external communication media. The creation of a visual identity and a graphic charter represents an essential step in the coherence of a website. When we have logo-design variants, assigned typographies and color codes as well as personalized graphic elements, we move forward with the basics needed to create a unique and exclusive website.

I group all of these together in your website settings to create repetition and consistency between the different pages and sections. The main titles then always have the same size, the same spacing before a paragraph,… The sections also benefit from this regularity which is essential for design in general.


Content Modification

Once the website is programmed and put online according to your needs, you will be able to change and issue. I work with a layout system that allows me to style the pages according to the visual identity and allow you to enjoy a relatively basic interface without worrying about 'breaking' a page or changing its style.

Pocket Messaging

After having ordered a domain name from our "host", the validation of the domain name with Google follows. I then program the messaging linked to this domain name (often so that you can manage your emails easily via your phone, tablet, or computer. You will then be notified of any activity related to your domain name (request for a quote, purchase, email, etc.).


dynamic at will

Everything is possible, literally! Today's software and technologies allow us to perform all kinds of animations. When we visit a website, we generally appreciate being able to interact with different elements: buttons, tabs, icons, etc. If nothing happens, it's ... frustrating! For Elleusiv, this is purely inconceivable. Because unlike this boredom generated by the non-responsiveness of a website, being able to interact with the elements of a website naturally leads us to browse it in a fun way. I sometimes hide an "easter-egg" in certain pages, for the pleasure of curious minds. As for example the illustration at the top of the page. Each tab on the computer is dynamic and clickable.